Viral Video day = We share funny or inspirational videos. Students are welcome to share ideas (PG rated)

SSR = You bring something to read silently. You will be permitted to read on tech devices. I will have copies of additional readings with a community focus if you do not bring your own.

Community = An activity, discussion, project that focuses on building a sense of community both inside and outside of the classroom

Tech Day = Bring your tech and you can use it!

Split/Flex Days = We will share our time with Mr. Wriska. What to do?????

Energy 101: Wind Power (A must see – tells what the wind is and why it blows) v=niZ_cvu9Fts
Wind Power – NOVA PBS (A must see – shows you what is inside a wind turbine and some examples of working turbines) v=SQpbTTGe_gk Wind Energy Wind Solution Wind Po