Mon, Feb 3
- Check How do We Know...Past Climate (ISB 3)
- View short Greenhouse Effect Video
- Frosty
- CW/HW: Solar Radiation and Greenhouse Effect Basics (ISB 5)

Tue, Feb 4
- Check Solar Radiation and Greenhouse Effect Basics (ISB 5)
- Return exams

Wed, Feb 5
- Greenhouse Effect Simulation Lab (ISB 6)

Thu, Feb 6
Delayed start
- Check Greenhouse Effect experiment/simulation (ISB 6)

Fri, Feb 7
Afternoon Sub
How Global Warming Might Affect Your Community

Mon, Feb 10
- Check How Global Warming Might Affect Your Community
- Intro to Permafrost Video and Yakutsk Photos
CW: Read "Something is Rotten is Chersky" and Permafrost Part 1 w/ ipads. Each individual student should answer the 5 RED questions at the beginning of Part 1. We will discuss and move on to Part 2 tomorrow...

Tue, Feb 11
Permafrost Parts 2 and 3 - 2014 w/ iPads

Wed, Feb 12
Permafrost Part 4
Yakutsk Borehole Data (Version 3)

Thu, Feb 13
Continue to work on Part 4 of Permafrost. Go through final rubric and discuss writeup.

Fri, Feb 14
Hoops for Heart
CW: Time to work on Permafrost write-up due Thu, Feb 28th
Resources that may help you with your final writeup:
- Intro to Permafrost Video

Mon, Feb 24
- OOPS! We were supposed to use computers today, but a system error de-railed our plans. I am pushing our deadline for the Permafrost write-up back to MONDAY of next week and we'll use Thursday as an additional work day this week.
- CW/HW: The Earth's Orbit and the Climate due Thursday (ISB 10)

Tue, Feb 25
- Morning: Time to work on Permafrost Write-Up OR yesterday's HW
- Afternoon: Some classes will be at the DIA field trip. Those that are here were allowed some extra time to work on Permafrost write-up. They will miss tomorrow's movie while they are on the field trip, but don't need to worry about making this up.

Wed, Feb 26
- Morning: watch Watch "A Global Warning Pt 1" and Pt 2 from The History Channel. Morning students will not have to complete the worksheet.
- Afternoon: I will be out on the DIA field trip. Students who remain will watch _"A Global Warning Pt 1" and Pt 2 from The History Channel. There is a worksheet that goes along with this movie.

Thu, Feb 27
- Discuss results of Permafrost activity graphs and remind students of final rubric(ISB 9) and notes taken during the investigation (ISB 8) DUE MONDAY
- Discuss Monday's HW "Earth's Orbit and Climate" (ISB 9)

Fri, Feb 28
5th and 6th hours ONLY: You will not have science on Monday due to an assembly! You have HW due TUESDAY and your Permafrost paper is now due on TUESDAY!
- CW/HW: Energy Worksheet (ISB 11)