Thu, Jan 9
Turn in Deep Ocean Lab Pt 3 if you did not before break
Pass back 15.1 and 16.1 Quiz and discuss!
CW/HW: Read p. 428 - 429 as well as all of 15.3. You'll get a copy of this reading so you can also do "Talking to the Text"

Fri, Jan 10
CW: Class questions from last night's reading (ISB 30)
1. Compare and contrast phytoplankton and zooplankton
2. What is primary productivity and how do organisms do it (2 ways)?
3. What TWO things do you need in order to carry out photosynthesis?
4. Explain why productivity is low in polar oceans AND tropical oceans (2 separate answers)

HW: Do a Claim, Evidence, Reasoning on Figure 13 on p. 434 (ISB 31)

Mon, Jan 13
HS Recommendations
El Nino Investigation. (ISB 32)
Students should be about halfway through this by the end of today. We'll finish on Wednesday.

Tue, Jan 14
Discuss Friday's Classwork (ISB 30) and homework (ISB 31)
HW: How does the lack of cold water upwelling during an El Nino event affect life in the ocean (ISB 24)

Wed, Jan 15
El Nino Investigation (ISB 32). Due TOMORROW

Thu, Jan 16
Discuss El Nino Investigation (ISB 32). Answer key to selected questions posted
Pass out exam study guide
Exam Prep

Fri, Jan 17
Exam Prep

Mon, Jan 20

Tue, Jan 21
- Students will review the movie Hot Planet; Cold Comfortand finish in-class wksht (ISB 24). This was previously assigned in December, but it has great review content, especially for our upcoming essay question! The last segment of the video was unwatched by many classes and has an excellent transition into historical climate change (paleoclimate), which is our next topic.

Wed, Jan 22
Exam Prep

Thu, Jan 23
SUB. Students are still taking our EXAM

Fri, Jan 24
Students will watch the video "Earth; The Biography - Ice" and do the worksheet that goes with it. If you are out today, you are excused from this.

Mon, Jan 27

- Students will watch the video "Earth; The Biography - Ice". If you are out today, you are excused from this.
- Many students will also be working on finishing up last week's exam and will not even start the movie.


Wed, Jan 29
- We WILL NOT clean out binders until exams are finished and returned to students. In the meantime, we'll pass out a new Table of Contents and use this to organize our new assignments for this unit.
- Change seats for mkp3
- New HW and bathroom passes for mkp3
- CW/HW: Weather and Climate & Paleoclimate (ISB 1). Students will read ONLY the Weather and Climate section (first 4 pages) and then complete ONLY the first 3 questions on the back page. None of the numbered questions embedded in the reading need to be completed.

Thu, Jan 30

- Check Weather and Climate & and continue to work on Paleoclimate (ISB 1). The entire packet should be completed and ready to go by tomorrow

Fri, Jan 31

- Check Weather and Climate and Paleclimate (ISB 1)
- CW/HW: How do We Know..Past Climate (ISB 3)