Mon, March 3
Permafrost Write-Up Due for hours 1-4
Energy Brainpop
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5th and 6th hours ONLY: You will not meet for today's class due to an assembly

Tue, March 4
Permafrost Write-Up Due for hours 5-6
- Check Energy Worksheet (ISB 11)

Wed, March 5
Activity: match the resource with the type of energy
energy quiz (Don't panic - it's a fun in-class thing. No grade)

Thu, March 6
Return Climate Change Tests
Activity: identify energy transfer through a lightbulb, through fossil fuels, and wind
Video - Electricity Generation
The Great Energy Challenge

Fri, March 7
The Great Energy Debate Outline
Advantage/Disadvantage Sheets for Great Energy Debate

Mon, March 10
Time to research Great Energy Debate
possible resources:
What is energy?
Energy Infobook

Tue, March 11
The Great Energy Debate Research

Wed, March 12
Snow day - whaaaaat? :)

Thu, March 13
evening conferences

Fri, March 14
Guest Speaker Today!!!

Mon, March 17
HW: Most groups finished the energy debate today. For those hours that finished, they should be ready to turn in their reflection questions for Part 3 due tomorrow (ISB 15)

Tue, March 18
- Return and discuss Permafrost papers (ISB 16)
- Return Pt 1 of Great Energy Debate (ISB 15)
- Turn in Pt 3 of Great Energy Debate (also ISB 15, just the 2nd page of it)
- Extra Credit: The Great Energy Challenge.Visit the "personal energy meter" on the left hand side. Enter some statistics about your family's energy usage. You'll need access to some utility bills in order to do this. When you're finished, print out a summary that includes your total energy score. You'll earn 5 points towards your ISB score if you do this by next Tuesday!! :)
- Wind Basics Power Point and videos (if you are absent today, you'll want to make sure you view these)
HW: 4th and 6th hours finished their debates today. They should be ready to turn in their reflection questions for Part 3 due tomorrow (ISB 15)
DTE Energy Wind Video

Wed, March 19
- How did we put together the wind turbines?:
Tower and Base Assembly
Nacelle Assembly
KidWind Hub
Electrical Circuits BASICS
- Activity: light it up!
Note: 4th hour was not ready for any experimentation today. They had a bookwork assignment today. They are to read 19.1 and do the assessment questions at the end. This is due tomorrow. We will be one day behind for the near future.

Thu, March 20
- Continue to investigate our wind turbine setup:
How to use protractor
How to use multimeter?
- Start to generate ideas on how we could change our turbines (ISB 18)

Fri, March 21
- Revisit yesterday's list of variables (ISB 18)
- Finalize groups for building turbines
- Time to research what variables we may want to change
- Resources that may help you in your search:
Kid Wind Blade Design

If time, begin to talk about specifics related to our project in preparation for next week:
- Worksheet: Wind Turbine Efficiency Challenge (ISB 20) Use this to organize your notes as you work through changing your blades and designing your experiment. Design your turbine blades!
- Scientific Method Guidelines (ISB 19)

Mon, March 24
2nd hour sub
Begin to build your wind turbines and change variables! Don't forget to continue to fill out ISB 20 as you go. This will be turned in later this week......
Extra: Winners of the Great Energy Debate are invited to write a short article. See me for more info. :)
  • Note: 4th hour continues to be one full day behind the rest of the classes.

Tue, March 25
Design your turbine blades!

Wed, March 26
Design your turbine blades!
Details about your actual lab report. Download rubric here (ISB 21). Final lab report and notes (ISB 20) due WED APRIL 2ND

Thu, March 27
Continue to test your turbine blades OR prepare your lab report

Fri, March 28
Continue to test your turbine blades OR prepare your lab report
How to create a quantitative graph (one where your independent variable is a number)
How to create a qualitative graph (one where your independent variable is NOT a number)
Wind Power Interactive

Mon, March 31
Continue to test your turbine blades OR prepare your lab report