Fri, Nov 1
Students travel to Groves in AM to watch Shrek
Afternoon classes will watch a movie on The Most Dangerous Place in the Universeand complete the worksheet Bonus! If you are absent or taking the test today, I am excusing you from doing this!!

Mon, Nov 4
End Qtr 1
Pass out new "next day" passes and bathroom passes.
Change seats
clean up lost and found!
clean out binders
Review last Thu HW
4th hour: your last binder check is NOT completed. You must leave them here today.

Tue, Nov 5th

Wed, Nov 6th
Finish reviewing HW from last Thu
Video: Sodium and Chlorine reaction (example of an ionic bond)
Tutorial: Ionic bond between sodium and chlorine
CW/HW:Begin A Sticky Molecule. You will also have some time to work on this tomorrow during class time. Due Friday. (ISB 3)

Thu, Nov 7th
Time to review ionic/covalent bonding
CW/HW: Continue to work on A Sticky Molecule. Must be completed by tomorrow (ISB 3)

Fri, Nov 8th
Ionic and Covalent bonding -
Return exams and discuss grades
set goals for mkp 2
Check A Sticky Molecule (ISB 3)
CW/HW: "Water: The Sum of Its Parts" (ISB 4) Questions #1-3 ONLY due Monday

Mon, Nov 11
Hours 1,4,5 = finish checking A Sticky Molecule (ISB3)
Check Water Sum of Its Parts Q#1-3 (ISB4) and discuss question #8
Prep for tomorrow's Universal Solvent Lab
CW/HW: Finish the remaining questions on "Water: The Sum of Its Parts" (ISB 4) due THURSDAY

Tue, Nov 12
Universal Solvent Lab. (ISB 7) Finish all the questions that go along with the lab due THURSDAY. If you are absent today, you'll be responsible for getting the data from a classmate and finishing the questions to the best of your ability.

Wed, Nov 13
1/2 Day - Conferences. Morning classes only
1st hour = interest inventory for ACT test
2nd hour = practice Chemistry concepts

Thu, Nov 14
Evening conferences
Discuss lab results (ISB 7)
Finish checking Water- Sum of Its Parts (ISB 4)
prep for Chemistry quiz next Wednesday

Fri, Nov 15
Watch Earth: The Biography - Oceans and do the worksheet. I don't have a link for the movie. If you are absent today, you are excused from this

Mon, Nov 18
ACT Explore test. No 1st - 3rd hours
4th - 6th hours = practice Chemistry concepts

Tue, Nov 19
Read 15.1 and do 15.1 worksheet (ISB 10)

Wed, Nov 20
Chemistry Quiz!
Oceans and Climate Pre-Test!

Thu, Nov 21
Bubble in answers to Oceans and Climate Pre-Test
Check 15.1 worksheet (ISB 10)
HW: On the bottom of ISB 10, write one down 1-2 questions about a concept that is still unclear to you after today’s class

Fri, Nov 22
- Let's Talk: What it takes to be in Honors BIO!
- CER with 15.1 (ISB 11) Use your ISB IX to help you with this. We've already done one earlier in the year. This time, your topic is different, but the way you write the CER should be exactly the same....
- HW: Read 16.1, p. 448-451 (Intro and section on surface currents), answer the following:
1. Name all the factors that have an influence on surface currents. What are they and how to they affect currents? (You should be able to find 2-3. 2 are well explained in the next and the 3rd is a bit of a challenge. You may have to use the map on p. 449 and throw in a little creativity to find the 3rd) (ISB 12)

Mon, Nov 25
Discuss HW
Return and discuss chemistry quizzes
Continue CER with 15.1 (ISB 11). Turn in when finished
Hours 4-6 watch The Blue Planet: Oceans World if time?

Tue, Nov 26
Groves visit 12pm - 2pm. I will not see hours 4,5,or part of 6th hour.
Hours 1,2 = watch The Blue Planet: Oceans World

Wed, Nov 27 - Fri, Nov 29