Mon, June 2
9.3 - Theory of Plate Tectonics. HW: Read 9.3. After reading, sketch and add notes to this blank sheet

Tue, June 3
C3 = Class meeting re: Cedar Point, Promotion Ceremony, MSU
- 9.3 - Compare drawings and add details. Blank file for use with Promethean board. I've had students just come up and share their drawings on the board in the past. Not a bad idea if you have the quiz out and know exactly which things to prep the for or stress as they go.
key for use with the blanks

Wed, June 4
Review 9.4 and do worksheet

Thu, June 5
Quiz on Chapter 9. Make one straight out of the textbook or the chapter test booklet on my bottom shelf. I'm leaving Ch 9 up to you since you've been the one teaching it.

Fri, June 6
MSU field trip!!

Mon, June 9
Volcanoes 10.1 and 10.2. If you get to these sections - great. If you don't, that's OK too.

Tue, June 10
Volcanoes 10.1 and 10.2. (I also have a ton of volcano movies if you want to show one. The series "How the Earth was Made" has some good ones. I have a worksheet that goes with the Iceland one. Krakatoa or Hawaii are good too. Let me know if/what you want to show and I'll dig up a worksheet)

Wed, June 11
Turn in last papers and check???

Thu, June 12

Fri, June 13
LAST DAY. You will not be with students in the classroom today.

Other options

1. How The Earth Was Made: San Andreas Fault with questions
I also have this on DVD for easier viewing. It with the How the Earth was Made series. The questions are already run off for you. Feel free to pop this in whenever. It works really nicely with 9.3

2. The section assessment at the end of any section

3. The worksheet that goes with any section (found in the purple books on my bottom shelf)