Thursday, May 1
8.4 Notes (ISB 5)
Begin first few minutes of Video: Inside Planet Earth + Worksheet to go along with the movie (ISB 6)

Friday, May 2
Review for Monday's Quiz!
Video: Inside Planet Earth + Worksheet to go along with the movie

Monday, May 5
Quiz on 3.1 and 8.4
CW: View patterns of earthquake distribution,, and
HW: Read 8.1 and do Q#1-8 (ISB 8)

Tuesday, May 6
- Check 8.1
- FYI: There will be a mini quiz retake (4 questions) dealing with Earth's layers tomorrow. All are welcome to take to up their quiz grade.
HW: Read 8.2 and do Q#1-6 (ISB 10)

Wednesday, May 7
Shortened class hours today due to assembly
- Mini quiz retake!
- Check 8.2 (ISB 10)

Thursday, May 8
- Return Quizzes
CW: What Does an Earthquake Feel Like? (FYI - there are many parts to this and it's a tough one to post online. You'll have to see me for a hard copy during class time). Due Monday or Tuesday. Due date tba....

Friday, May 9
Judge Small Assembly hours 1-2
Afternoon SUB
Finish movie Inside Planet Earth from last Friday

Monday, May 12
- Finish up What Does an Earthquake Feel Like? (ISB 12)

Tuesday, May 13
- Discuss What Does an Earthquake Feel Like (ISB 12)
- CW: How a seismograph works
Observe animations of earthquake waves and Observe S and P waves moving through Earth's Interior
HW: p. 244 #24,25,26 and p. 243 #12,18,19.(ISB 14)

Wednesday, May 14
CW/HW: "Locating an Earthquake" on p. 240-241 (ISB 15)

Thursday, May 15
- Check Locating an Earthquake (ISB 15)
- Virtual Earthquake Lab Link to activity
- Virtual Earthquake Worksheet (ISB 16)
- FYI: The Impossible permission slips are due no later than tomorrow!!

Friday, May 16
- time to work on Virtual Earthquake (ISB 16) due MONDAY
- time to study for Monday's quiz
- Last day to collect The Impossible permission slips